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How do you pronounce Murgatranthes's name?

Like 'burger van', 'trees'.

How do you pronounce Serick's full name?

Pretty much how it's spelled. Here it is split into syllables:
Hex-trel-af-tron-ite, Ser-ick-te-ruft-rug, Tor-gen-or-i-el. (hard g)

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What's the difference between an ontos and a pedre-ontos?

A retcon.

When I first created Murgatranthes, Silrathus et al, they had a different design and 'pedre-ontos' was their species name. An individual was an 'ontos'. In 2012 I changed their design and their terminology: the species name is now 'ontos', and it's the same in singular and plural. 'Pedre-ontos' is now the name of the ancestral species from which modern ontos evolved in-universe.

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May I design my own [insert species name here]?

Yes; they're open species. See the terms for more information.

Why is this called 'Clashcradyne'?

It doesn't mean anything, I just thought it sounded cool. (The -dyne suffix is a nod to SMT games, which are among my favourites and are a source of inspiration.)

Why do you like demons so much?

Because they're not real and they can't get me.

Who is Voybridge?

That's me, the webmaster and artist.

I have a question that's not on this list. How can I ask it?

If you have Twitter, you can ask @clashcradyne. Otherwise, there are many ways to contact me listed on

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